The switchboards assembled in our factory with all equipment according to the specifications mentioned, satisfy IEC standard, GECOL specification and Schneider Electric Specification.

ALhussain Company has the ability to manufacture all kinds of enclosures due to modern CNC machines and digital tools to deal with the steel and copper, and it also has an excellent technical staff for the mechanical assembly and electrical connection of panels.

Our business areas:

  1.              manufacturing and supplying Low voltage distribution Panels.
  2.       Supplying of LV Circuit Breakers and LV devices from Schneider Electric Company.                              
  3.             Assembled of Type Tested Panels TTA panels (Prisma Plus)according to IEC60439-1 which are supplied from Schneider Electric Company.
  4.             Manufacture of Silent Generators (20-1500) KVA.  
  5.         Supplying of MV (Ring Main Unit), from Schneider Electric  Company.                 
  6.          Supplying of Distribution Transformers.
  7.          Manufacturing and assembling of Metallic outdoor Package Substation Units 11/0.4kv.
  8.       Cable Accessories (70-600) mm from NEXANS.
  9.        Impedance starting for submersible pumps (20-30)HP

 AL Hussain for Electrical Industry and Services is the official Panel Builder of Schneider Electric international Company in Libya.

 It's also ALhussain for electrical industries and Services Company is the official distributor in Libya of Nexans accessories for the high and Low voltage cables.

ALHussain Company is ready to make a training course to technicians and specialists on our products through technical staff by Schneider Electric Company or by technicians in our training section in our company.