The end workes of Libya Insurance Company in Misurata project

The end Workes 0f  Libya Insurance Company in Misurata project,,,

Connecting the high voltage  to the RMU and feeding the dry transformers 1000KVA,,,

And the connection from the dry transformers to the main control panel of the two towers and the operation of all loads on them,,,

For technical reasons, the paintings were raised 50 cm with a base and a walkway for technicians,,,

For decoration and protection, grass nets were made for all panels, transformers and rings,,,

And thanks for the board of directors of the Libya Insurance and Investment Management Company and all those we dealt with in this work for their good treatment and good manners,,,

May God bless the engineers of Al-Hussein Company and its heroic youth, whom tenderness and mastery were their custodians,,,